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Trevor Siemian named starter in Denver     Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have named 2nd year player Trevor Siemian their starting quarterback for week 1. This tells us two things, Mark Sanchez sucks and rookie Paxton Lynch is no where near ready to start. The Broncos had poor quarterback play last year and still won the Super Bowl, so Siemian at least has a chance to win some games.

If the Broncos cur Mark Sanchez they can save some money and get their draft pick back from the Eagles. Siemian got in one regular season game last year and had no passes and one rush for -1 yards. I assume he just fell on the ball to end a game.

Reportedly the Broncos like the poise that Siemian has shown during training camp. He will just be holding down the fort until Lynch is ready, unless he really shines as the Broncos quarterback. Denver still has a great defense and Siemian should be able to function well if he can limit his turnovers.

Siemian was not even a full time starter in college at Northwestern. Still some guys are late bloomers and exposure to NFL coaching had to help him.

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Dak Prescott     Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

These are my week 1 NFL predictions for the 2017 season. I will do game picks for each week of the season so be subscribe to be reminded to check them out. I do these NFL game predictions every year and to be honest I am right about 53% of the time.

So do take these week 1 NFL game picks with a grain of salt. I don't do point spreads because I write the articles early in the week before a good spread comes out. This article for week 1 was actually written on August 29th. I reserve the right to change my picks due to injury, suspension or imprisonment of NFL players.

Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos

Rematch of the Super Bowl. Denver has no quarterback but they didn't last year either. The Panthers offense should be better than last season but their defense is worse with the loss of Josh Norman. My free week one game pick is the Panthers beat the Broncos 17 to 14.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Atlanta Falcons

Like how Tampa is improving, other than drafting a kicker in the 2nd round. Falcons offense not suited to Matt Ryan but I do love their running backs and wide receivers. Tampa beats Atlanta 23 to 20.

Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans

Two teams on the rise but the Vikings a little farther along. Vikings 20, Titans 14.

Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles

When in doubt go with the home team. Eagles 17, Browns 13.

Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets

I like the Jets a bit but not this week if the Bengals come in healthy. Cincinnati wins 23 to 16.

Oakland Raiders at New Orleans Saints

The Raiders come marching in and beat the Saints 27 to 24.

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs win this one 27 to 17.

Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore wins this one at home 20 to 17.

Chicago Bears at Houston Texans

I like the Texans at home 24 to 17.

Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars

This game could be a week 1 NFL shootout. Jaguars upset the Packers 28 to 24.

Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks

I like the Seahawks at home to win 27 to 20.

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

The debut of Dak Prescott will be a loss. Giants win 28 to 21.

Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts

My week 1 NFL game prediction is the Colts win 24 to 21.

New England Patriots at the Arizona Cardinals

Tom Brady wouldn't help the Patriots much in this game but they don't have him anyway. Arizona wins 20 to 14.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins

This should be a pretty good game. Redskins win 27 to 24.

Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

The Rams will beat the 49ers 21 to 14.

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Gruesome NFL injury videos

Bad NFL Injuries

Ok I almost didn't write this as it isn't my thing but here are videos of some of the most gruesome NFL injuries ever. Anybody who think pro football players are overpaid should watch these videos of bad NFL injuries.

The worst one I can remember seeing was Joe Theismann getting his leg broken by Lawrence Taylor, and I was watching this game on tv at the time. I will never forget Lawrence Taylor who was not the nicest guy, jumping up and yelling for Redskins doctors and trainers to get out there.

One of these videos just shows 5 bad NFL injuries so there may be one on there that is in this article already. Another video shows 16 career ending injuries which again may be repeated. I didn't even watch all of the videos because I am a wuss. 

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