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Week 16 NFL Game Predictions

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These are my free NFL game predictions for week 16 of the 2016 season. These football picks are suitable for your office football pool. I don't do a specific NFL point spread pick but do offer a score prediction made early in the week.

Free week 16 NFL Picks

1 New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Giants win on a short road trip, 27 to 14.

2 Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills

I like the Bills to win at home 17 to 13.

3 Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Titans win 24 to 20.

4 Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Double check and the boys win on the frozen tundra, 20 to 14.

5 San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns

My week 16 NFL prediction is the Chargers win 27 to 17.

6 Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears

I like the Redskins to win 24 to 20.

7 Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Falcons beat my Panthers 24 to 17.

8 Indianapolis Colts at Oakland Raiders

Raiders win 35 to 31.

9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

Saints upset the Buccaneers 31 to 27.

10 Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks win 24 to 20.

11 San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

I like the Rams to win 20 to 14.

12 Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans

Texans win 23 to 21 over the Bengals

13 Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

I like the Steelers at home 27 to 24.

14 Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs win 24 to 20.

15 New York Jets at New England Patriots

Patriots win 27 to 17.

16 Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys win 28 to 27.

Former North Carolina Central football star Ty Brown has passed away

Ty Brown

Former North Carolina Central University  football player Ty Brown has passed away. The Newton Conover (NC) high school graduated played at North Carolina Central 2011-2014. Brown played linebacker and defensive end at North Carolina Central.

"Ty was a great man, teammate, and Eagle," said NCCU head coach Jerry Mack. "He was one of our leaders from the 2014 championship season. I will always remember Ty Brown as the ultimate teammate that would do anything for his brothers. My heart is heavy; he will truly be missed."

Ty Brown age 24 had been planning to go into law enforcement and had just passed his final examination in basic law enforcement. Brown was killed in an automobile accident. Brown had tryouts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers after playing at North Carolina Central.

Ty Brown's father, Danny Brown is a football coach at West Iredell high school in North Carolina. Danny Brown and I went to high school and played a year or two of football together. My condolences to the family and many friends of Ty Brown. 

The Rams should hire Kyle Shanahan as their next head coach

Kyle Shanahan Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Shanahan
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Los Angeles Rams bowed to public pressure and fired coach Jeff Fisher. They had extended Fisher's contract in secret and didn't reveal that until recently. Fisher really is a dreadful NFL coach but part of that was not having a good quarterback as well.

Former Rams great Eric Dickerson who left them to get paid more, now is an ardent fan of the team. Fisher hurt his feelings and Dickerson started a Twitter movement to get Fisher fired. The interesting thing is that Eric Dickerson wants Jim Harbaugh to be the next coach of the Rams.

I don't see Harbaugh leaving the college ranks this soon but he may get the itch to be a Super Bowl winning coach one day. Harbaugh's problem is his reputation for being hard to work with which got him out of San Francisco.

I think the Rams need to hire an offensive minded coach who can get the best out of their young talent Kyle Shanahan would be my pick to coach the Rams if I was the one doing the hiring. Shanahan had Matt Ryan looking like a MVP and knows how to coach the running game and Todd Gurley. He would be my pick to try to get the most out of Goff and Todd Gurley as well as Austin who looks very overpaid right now.

Kyle Shanahan has paid his dues as an assistant coach and offensive coordinator. He knows coaching as he grew up in a coaching family. And his system would at least get the most out of Todd Gurley who hates the current Rams offense.