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Cam Newton scoffs at the importance of passing mechanics

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Cam Newton recently scoffed at the thought that better passing mechanics could make him a better NFL quarterback. Yep he said it to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. Click right here to read the article and see Cam Newton making the comments.

As a Carolina Panthers fan and a fan of Cam Newton I find this very disturbing. I have been a NFL fan since the 1970's and been a paid writer about the sport for over 10 years. Cam Newton's passing mechanics suck, they just do.

Passing mechanics make a huge difference and it's the part of his game that Cam Newton seems to have worked the least at improving. Newton and the Panthers caught lightning in a bottle last year and Cam won the MVP. He did that because his running opened up the offense.

I also think the return of Kelvin Benjamin is actually hurting Cam Newton. Cam is relying too much on Benjamin who himself is a sloppy player. Last season when Cam had to spread the ball around he had an amazing season.

Newton is an arm thrower and his amazing strength can allow him to make great throws. His inattention to detail makes him a very inconsistent passer. Cam is already slowing down on his run game due to the beating he has taken behind a poor offensive line.

If Newton is unable or unwilling to adopt better passing skills then his career will be shortened and never reach it's potential. That Newton actually scoffed at passing mechanics is very bad in my opinion.

Free Week 14 NFL Game Picks

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 These are my free week picks for week 14 of the 2016 NFL season. I write these NFL game predictions every week and my record is 104-70-2 after going 7-8 last week. These picks are suitible for your week 14 office football pool as I don't do point spread specific picks.

No Week 14 NFL Byes

1 Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs

The two best teams in the division square off here. I think the Raiders will win 31 to 24.

2 Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

I like the Bills at home to win 27 to 24.

3 Arizona Cardinals at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins win 24 to 21.

4 Denver Broncos at Tennessee Titans

This game could go either way but I like the Broncos 17 to 14.

5 Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Redskins win 23 to 20 on the road.

6 Minnesota Vikings at Jacksonville Jaguars

My free week 14 NFL game prediction is the Vikings win 23 to 14.

7 Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts win at home 20 to 17.

8 San Diego Chargers at Carolina Panthers

The Chargers win 35 to 24.

9 Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

Bengals win 31 to 17.

10 Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

Lions win 28 to 20.

11 New York Jets at San Francisco 49ers

Jets win 14 to 10.

12 New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa wins at home 24 to 20.

13 Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams

The Falcons win 23 to 14.

14 Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

I like the Packers to win 23 to 21 over the Seahawks.

15 Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

The Giants are the only team to beat the Cowboys this season. Dallas wins 24 to 20 and gets some payback.

16 Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots

Patriots win 17 to 14.

Rob Gronkowski out for the season

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Tight end Rob Gronkowski is out for the season. Gronkowski had back surgery and the Patriots have placed him on injured reserve. That is good news for fantasy football players who have Bennett on their team but bad news for Patriots fans.

Gronkowski has been limited due to injury and has only caught 25 passes this year but for an amazing 21.6 yards per catch average. Gronk is the best tight end in the history of the NFL in my opinion but always seems to be struggling with some injury.

Tom Brady continues his revenge tour and Martellus Bennett is a more than capable replacement now that Gronk is out for the season. Bennett has 42 catches for 540 yards and 4 touchdowns for the Patriots this season. That being said every quarterback dreams of a double tight end combination like Gronk and Bennett on their team.