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Poll Should the Carolina Panthers trade Kawann Short?

Kawann Short
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This is a poll asking if the Carolina Panthers should just trade Kawann Short. The team didn't re-sign Short in the offs season despite having lots of money available due to letting Josh Norman go. Now Short is having a bad season and is leading some to speculate that he isn't playing very hard.

Players take free agency differently. Some ball out and play their hardest to show NFL teams they are worthy of big money. Over and over you see NFL players in the last year of their contract play over their heads.

Other players who do have good work on tape will coast for that final year and not play hard. Kawann Short appears to be trying to avoid injury and to also screw the Panthers over for not paying him. To me Short will also not play hard when he DOES get paid.

Defensive tackle is by far the strongest position on the Carolina Panthers. I think they should trade Kawann Short either for a defensive end or for some draft picks. Do you ageee with me? 

Week 8 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Ted Ginn Jr. Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks for checking out my week 8 fantasy football sleepers. Maybe some of these guys are not sleepers but possibly are not being played by as many people as they should be. Some of these week 8 fantasy football sleepers may have already been on your radar but maybe not all of them.

1 Matt Forte- Jets

Forte may have been benched in a lot of leagues (I benched him) well it's time to dust him off and use him against the Browns. I would also start Brandon Marshall though he isn't really a sleeper on most teams.

2 Ted Ginn Jr, Panthers

Kelvin Benjamin is going to be facing Patrick Peterson. Ted Ginn Jr is playing a former team in the Arizona Cardinals, players often have big games against their old employers.

3 Davante Adams, Packers

He may even be on the waiver wire in some leagues. The light may have came on for Adams and playing a bad Falcons defense won't hurt.

4 Cameron Brate TE- Buccaneers

Brate may be the real deal tight end the Buccaneers have been looking for.

5 Jack Doyle- Colts

Doyle can be a red zone threat and you know the Colts will throw all day.

6 Devontae Booker, Broncos

Denver will run the ball and Booker is next man up with Anderson injured.

7 Tyler Lockett- Seahawks

The Seahawks are playing the Saints terrible defense so use any Seattle player with a pulse this week.

8 Knile Davis- Packers

Davis should be ready to go for his new team and as I said the Falcons defense is not much to worry about.

Brock Osweiler is not playing well for the Texans

Brock Osweiler Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Brock Osweiler has been a waste of money for the Houston Texans so far. I know why the Texans over paid Osweiler, they have gone through a boatload of bad quarterbacks. Granted almost anyone would be an upgrade over what the Texans have had under center.

The fact that the Denver Broncos didn't go all out to keep Osweiler should have told the Texans something. Granted Brock was mad at the Broncos and may not have re-signed at any price but the Broncos didn't appear to lose any sleep over not getting Osweiler under contract.

So far this season Brock Osweiler is completing 58.2 percent of his passes with 1,533 passing yards, 8 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Those are not elite numbers for a NFL quarterback. It is a shame that J.J. Watt is injured because with the Texans defense at full strength they don't need much of an offense.