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Peyton Manning     Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning has been cleared by the NFL after allegations by Al Jazeera that he used PED's. Manning was accused of getting PED's in the mail addressed to his wife. It was believed by many fans I saw Tweeting about it last year.

The NFL has released the following statement.

“Following a comprehensive seven-month investigation into allegations made in a documentary by Al-Jazeera America, the NFL found no credible evidence that Peyton Manning was provided with or used HGH or other substances prohibited by the league’s policy on performance-enhancing substances, it was announced today,”

“The Mannings were fully cooperative with the investigation and provided both interviews and access to all records sought by the investigators. Initiated in January, the investigation was led by the NFL’s security and legal teams with support from expert consultants and other professionals. The investigation involved witness interviews, a review of relevant records and other materials, online research, and laboratory analysis and review. Separately, the NFL’s investigation continues into the documentary’s allegations made against other NFL players, which involve different lines of inquiry and witnesses.”

The league is still investigating several others players named by Al Jazeera but if Manning is not guilty it would make me think the other guys are innocent as well.

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Top 10 Philadelphia Eagles of all time     Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks for checking out my ranking of the top 10 Philadelphia Eagles of all time. It was not easy narrowing down this list as the Eagles have been around for a long time. As with any sports list my ranking of the beast Philadelphia Eagles ever, can be argued with. Feel free to heap praise or insults on me in the comments below.

When I write about the greatest Eagles of all time or for any team, I don't always mean stats. Sometimes a person meant so much to a city or a team and maybe didn't have the stats of other players.

10 Ron Jaworski

Jaworski is more known for being on television now but he was tone of the best quarterbacksthe Eagles ever had in my opinion. Known as the “Polish Rifle” he could put the ball wherever it needed to be.

9 Tommy McDonald

A favorite Eagles of the old timer fans. McDonald was the best wide receiver the Eagles had in their early years.

8 Jerome Brown

Just a beat of a defensive tackle who died way too young.

7 Wilbert Montgomery

Even though I was a Cowboys fan at the time I always liked Wilbert Montgomery. He could have been a good wide receiver but was a great running back for the Eagles.

6 Donovan McNabb

Best quarterback the Eagles ever had. Early in his career he was very mobile and tough but learned to be a better passer by the end of his career.

5 Reggie White

Better remembered as a Packer, Reggie White was a great Philadelphia Eagle.

4 Brian Dawkins

Just a great safety who could tackle or makes plays in the passing game.

3 Chuck Bednarik

Best known for almost killing Frank Gifford, Bednark was a great two ways player for the Eagles.

2 Brian Westbrook

I may have Westbrook ranked a little high but I loved the guy. His versatility was amazing.

1 Steve Van Buren

Steve Van Buren was the greatest Philadelphia Eagle of all time. Ran for 5,860 yards in a run first era when everybody knew he was getting the ball. Great power runner that scored 69 rushing touchdowns for the Eagles.

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Video Girl Blocks Cam Newton in volleyball game

This is a video of a girl spiking a video on Cam Newton. The Panthers quarterback was playing some beach volleyball in Baltimore recently. Cam Newton was trying to help get the ball back across the net and had his back to the opponents.

Cam got the ball up but a girl on the opposing team blocked his shot. Of course when the girl spiked a volleyball on Cam Newton the crowd cheered. The video of Cam getting punked by a girl is making its rounds on Twitter. 

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