Jimmy Clausen and David Gettis released by the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have released quarterback Jimmy Clausen in a not much of a surprise move. The biggest surprise to me is that the Carolina Panthers have released David Gettis. Other notable names released by the Carolina Panthers are defensive tackle Sione Fua, cornerback Drayton Florence, linebacker Jason Williams and safety D.J. Campbell.


I kind of thought Jimmy Clausen would be kept around as a third quarterback because he had shown some improvement in the preseason. But the Carolina Panthers decided to go with two quarterbacks in Derek Anderson and some dude named Cam Newton.


While I tend to like having three quarterbacks on a roster I do know that if you actually get down to that third guy, you are usually in bad trouble anyway. I guess Armanti Edwards would be the emergency quarterback as far as if one is needed in a game. If Cam Newton goes down for an extended time look for Jimmy Clausen to be resigned by the Carolina Panthers. That is of course if Clausen is not on another NFL roster.


Don't laugh because Jimmy Clausen may not be done in this league. Some team may take a chance with him since he does have playing experience and was somewhat highly thought of as a college quarterback. For those of you who are rejoicing Jimmy Clausen being released, hey he did give us Cam Newton by losing all those games.


I was blown away by the release of David Gettis on the released/injury list. Gettis showed some signs of life in some of the preseason games and I thought he earned a spot on a team with a very questionable receiving unit other than Steve Smith.


Drayton Florence was touted as providing veteran leadership and then didn't even make the team. The Panthers are clearly going young (cheap?) at as many positions as they can. The team is clearing cap space to Cam Newton and probably Greg Hardy's new contracts.


Here is the much awaited time that fans expect the Carolina Panthers to sign one or more offensive lineman. The problem is teams don't cut good offensive linemen and the Panthers may just stand pat with what they have in place. Then when Cam Newton gets hurt they will wonder why they didn't get him some better offensive linemen in the offseason.Still the Panthers may make some moves as the team does like signing veteran players to one year deals at a bargain price.