Can Ron Rivera save his job with the Carolina Panthers?

Can Ron Rivera save his job as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers? In two seasons Ron Rivera has a 13-19 record with the Panthers and is definitely on the hot seat. The fact that the Panthers hired Dave Gettleman to replace Marty Hurney could be a bad sign for Ron Rivera and his future with the Carolina Panthers.


General Managers tend to want to hire their own guy as a coach and Dave Gettleman didn't hire Ron Rivera. I am sure Gettleman has a short list of possible head coaches to hire if he needs to do so.


That does not mean that Dave Gettleman wants to fire Ron Rivera but he may want to. Of course if the Carolina Panthers have a great season then Rivera probably won't be fired. So if the Panthers make the playoffs in 2013 Gettleman wouldn't be able to fire Ron Rivera.


Jerry Richardson has the final say of course and if he likes Ron Rivera then a winning but non playoff team may save Rivera's job. Last year the Bears won 10 games and didn't make the playoffs which got Lovie Smith fired. I would be anything that a 10 win season would get Ron Rivera retained. If Richardson and Gettleman REALLY like Ron Rivera then a 8-8 record would save his job with the Carolina Panthers.


Ron Rivera and the Carolina Panthers need to get off to a good start in 2013. The Panthers under Rivera have not played well at the beginning of the season. Then toward the end of the year when they are out of playoff contention, the team starts to win.


Make no mistake about it, it will be very difficult for the Carolina Panthers to make the playoffs in 2013. The NFC South is a tough division and the non division games are not going to be easy either. I think the Panthers are ok in most spots except the defensive secondary, but there are depth concerns on the offensive line and all over the defense.


Can Newton will have the most to do with Ron Rivera saving or losing his job with the Carolina Panthers. If Cam plays like he did at the end of last year, from the start of this season then the Panthers will be competitive in every game. The Panthers are not good enough to win when Cam Newton has a bad game, in most cases.


My prediction is that the Carolina Panthers win 8 games in the 2013 NFL season. I also predict that the Panthers will not keep Ron Rivera and that they will hire a new coach for 2014.