2013 Carolina Panthers NFL Draft Needs

In this article I will write about what I think the draft needs are for the 2013 Carolina Panthers. In a future post there will be an actual mock draft for the Carolina Panthers but this one just discusses general needs.


The Carolina Panthers currently have five picks in the 2013 NFL draft. The Panthers traded this year's number three pick to the 49ers so they could draft Frank Alexander last year. This year's seventh round pick went to the Raiders for Louis Murphy. I am ok with both of those trades. Of course other trades and possible free agent compensation could add more picks for the Panthers before draft day.


I think the number one need for the Carolina Panthers in 2013 is at cornerback. Chris Gamble is expensive and always hurt so he may be released or traded. Captain Munnerlyn is a free agent and isn't a great player anyway. I feel the Panthers need to draft a cornerback with their first round pick if one is available that merits the pick. He defense played much better in 2012 but not due to cornerback play.


It can be argued that the biggest Carolina Panthers draft need is left tackle. Jordan Gross is overpaid and has lost a step or three. I am not sure Gross could play any other position than left tackle and he could be a cap casualty anyway. No matter what play at left tackle needs to improve to help Cam Newton stay healthy. A new offensive guard to add to the mix wouldn't be a bad idea either.


The safety positions need to be addressed in the 2013 draft by the Carolina Panthers. There has been poor play there for at least two seasons. I would love to see the Panthers pick up a good hitter at the position who could also help out on special teams which have not been so special of late.


A speed wide receiver in the later rounds would be nice as well. Gettis may be gone an Louis Murphy as well. The team could use some speed on the outside and if he is a return guy then so much the better.


The defensive line could use some help at end or tackle to add some depth. Of course with only five draft picks the Panthers don't have the luxury of drafting somebody at every need position. But if Dave Gettleman is the player evaluator we think he is then the team can certainly improve.