The 5 most underrated quarterbacks in NFL history

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Thanks for checking out my list of the five most underrated quarterbacks in NFL history. For whatever reason these great quarterbacks get overlooked when discussing the all-time best NFL QBs. You may disagree with my list of the five most underrated NFL quarterbacks of all time. Feel free to leave a comment below to tell me if you think I am nuts or know my pro football history.

  My list of the most underrated quarterbacks in NFL history will mostly contain modern era players. Most of the people reading this would have no idea who some old time signal callers are, but I did include one old timer.


 No 1. Randall Cunningham - Eagles, Vikings, Ravens, Cowboys

  I feel that Randall Cunningham is the most underrated quarterback in NFL history. And let me tell you I hated his guts when he played for the Eagles because I was a Cowboys fan at the time!

  Randall Cunningham was a great runner and an even better passer and he made everything look so effortless. Cunningham went 82-52-1 as a quarterback in the NFL and even was a good punter. Nobody talks about Randall Cunningham much these days but he should be remembered.


 No 2. Len Dawson- Steelers, Browns, Dallas Texans, Chiefs

  Len Dawson was so underrated that he went through 2 teams before finding his place with the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs. Dawson was the quarterback when the Chiefs won their only Super Bowl (to date) and put up great numbers. Len Dawson passed for over 28,000 yards and had 239 touchdown passes versus 183 intercepted. Dawson played less games per season than they do now and with more stringent pass defenses not tied down with modern rules. Len Dawson certainly belongs on any list of underrated NFL quarterbacks of all time.


  No 3. Kerry Collins - Panthers, Saints, Giants, Raiders, Titans

 Kerry Collins is the only active (at the time of this writing) player on my list. Collins is known at a bit of a journeyman but he has put up huge numbers in his NFL career. Playing in his 30's he has gotten better with the Titans. Kerry Collins has passed for over 40,000 yards which puts him in special company in NFL history.


  No 4. Jim Kelly - Bills

 Yes Jim Kelly is a NFL Hall of Fame quarterback but he is seldom mentioned among the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Jim Kelly does not get his due because the Buffalo Bills lost four Super Bowls in a row. Getting that team to four Super Bowls in order to lose them still shows how great Jim Kelly was.


No 5. Phil Simms - Giants

 Bill Parcells gets all of the credit for those great Giants teams but Phil Simms certainly had a good deal to do with it. Phil Simms never had a great wide receiver but he still put up good numbers and also played one of the best Super Bowl's a quarterback ever played. Phil Simms is certainly one of the most underrated quarterbacks in NFL history.