5 most overrated NFL quarterbacks in history

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This is my list of the five most overrated NFL quarterbacks of all time. This is not implying that they were not good or even great quarterbacks, just overrated. Quarterback is a position where you get all the glory or all the blame, but these top five overrated NFL quarterbacks of all time got way too much glory. All stats used here come from


  The 5 most overrated NFL quarterbacks of all time


  1. Joe Namath - New York Jets and Los Angles Rams

  Joe Namath was the highest paid rookie quarterback of his era when he left Alabama to join the New York Jets in the AFL. He was "Broadway Joe" all glitz and glamour but Joe Namath was the most overrated NFL quarterback of all time. Namath deserves some credit with helping to make the AFL an acceptable version of pro football. And his guaranteed Super Bowl victory with the Jets over the Colts has earned it's place in pro football history.


  However Joe Namath was overrated as a pro quarterback. He had a great running game helping him with the Jets and a decent defense. Joe Namath threw 173 touchdown passes but also tossed 220 interceptions. A good not to mention great quarterback always throws more touchdown passes than interceptions. Joe Namath's bad knees did contribute to him not being as good as he could have been, but I vote him as the most overrated quarterback of all time.


2. Terry Bradshaw - Pittsburgh Steelers

  Terry Bradshaw belongs at or near the top of any overrated NFL quarterbacks list. Bradshaw was in the right place at the right time when he was the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback in their 1970s domination. But Terry Bradshaw had the advantaged of a Hall of Fame laden roster and he frankly didn't play that well


  Terry Bradshaw did manage to throw more career touchdowns passes than interceptions with a 212 to 210 total. But Bradshaw was helped so much by the rest of his team that he was just a caretaker of the Steelers offense though he was a good long ball passer.


 3. Brett Favre- Atlanta, Green Bay, New York Jets, Minnesota

 Brett Favre did some incredible things, especially with his consecutive starting streak but he was overrated. Brett Favre constantly threw bad interceptions and his poor decision making continued into the later years of his career when he should have known better. Now Brett Favre is by far the best on my list of the five most overrated NFL quarterbacks ever, but ESPN hyped him away above his actual ability.


4. Donovan McNabb - Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins

 In one sense Donovan McNabb may have been underrated for a while since he had nothing for wide receivers during most of his early career. But on the whole Donovan McNabb was an overrated NFL quarterback. McNabb could have been much better had he worked at it and the fact that he was casual with his work ethic and knowledge of the game won't allow me to call him a Hall of Fame caliber player. McNabb benefited from a great coaching staff in Philadelphia which didn't miss a beat in replacing him with Vick and Kolb.


5. Dan Fouts - San Diego Chargers

 I loved Dan Fouts but he was an overrated NFL quarterback who played in the ideal system for him. Fouts constantly put up huge numbers but in that offense almost any quarterback would have. Dan Fouts threw 254 career touchdown passes but almost as many interceptions with 242. The fact that Dan Fouts had so may int's and didn't get the Chargers to the Super Bowl makes me use him to complete my list of the five most overrated NFL quarterbacks of all time.