Marc James doing fine going solo on WFNZ's The Drive

Marc James has survived his first week going solo on WFNZ's "The Drive" without longtime co host Taylor Zarzour. Marc James was awarded a new contract and is a solo host now with the departure of Zarzour to SIRIUS radio.


Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a WFNZ fanatic and listen to the station for about 10 hours a day. I have been a fan of the station for about five years ever since my friend James (from Maiden to all you WFNZ listeners) told me to check it out.


I was a casual fan of Mark Packer who was replaced by Marc James and Taylor Zarzour whose show I loved. If you listen to the whiner line you have heard me calling in as "The Two Z's guy" so you know how crazy I am about the show.


When Taylor Zarzour left the show I talked to 10 to 15 people on social media about the future of the show. Most of them said they would give Marc James a chance to see how good his show would be. A couple said they only liked Taylor Zarzour and would not listen to the show anymore.


The thing about Marc James is that he is a brash yankee type and that does not always come across well here in North Carolina. But I feel some of that was playing a bit of a role so Taylor could play the more laid back and fair minded Southern boy.


I am not saying that the guys on the radio are playing a character exactly but I think they do to an extent. Everyone, myself gives Tony The Hitman all kinds of grief but most of us like him. I think that Tony says some things to get people to light him up on the whiner and I am more than happy to oblige him.


I am a big fan of Marc James for two reasons. One he has an incredible mind for sports and seems to retain games or events from years ago. He often comes up with stuff too fast to have Googled it. Second he has been very cool to me via email in the past including going way beyond what I expected to mention the child of a friend of mine who was having a major surgery. He sent me several emails asking for clarification on the situation and then asked for thoughts and prayers on air for the boy several times that day. He probably does not remember that but I do.


Marc James seems to be trying to be nicer to the callers on his new solo gig. He has mentioned several times that the show is our (the listeners) show and not his. And the old gang of Hitman, Jay Weezie and my main man QCB are still around.


I think the listeners are enjoying "The Drive" with Marc James going solo. I have heard several congratulate Marc on the air and mention that they still like the show. It is also usually difficult to get on air to talk to Marc which means there are lots of other callers on hold waiting to talk to him.


Marc James will do well as a solo guy on WFNZ in my opinion though I expect there will be special guest co hosts from time to time like Brenston Buckner did for a segment the other day. Only time will tell but I think Marc James will take "The Drive" a long way.